Comprehensive Utility infrastructure solutions  

Forefront Utilities offers a comprehensive utilities solution including gas mains installation, repair and maintenance, replacement and specialised drilling services.

Gas mains replacement represents the bulk of our work. We replace over 150km per annum in the south east of England including the capital.

We also provide gas engineering services to the meter, as well as a find and fix service to locate gas and water leaks and repair them. We are one of the only independent contractors in the UK to provide specialist services such as under pressure drilling, line and flow stops and vacuum excavation.

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. We have invested in the latest technology to recycle our excavations material. Our facility, which is conveniently located near the M25, processes around 60,000 tonnes of material every year which is used as a back fill material. Impressively, our investment is achieving near to 100 per cent recycling, delivering a significant reduction to our carbon footprint.

We operate an extensive fleet of modern vans and trucks meeting the latest Euro 5 emissions regulations and  we use state-of-the-art equipment including 48” stoppalls.

From our headquarters in Essex, we employ around 300 operational staff and do not subcontract any of our work to third parties. This model has proven delivery and significant value add to our clients. Gas contracting requires the highest level of qualification of all the utilities. That is why we operate our own training centre and together with our experienced team of trainers and HR personnel we aim to ensure our staff remain at the top of their game.