Specialised drilling on live gas mains

Forefront Utilities is one of a very few companies in the UK to supply specialised drilling services which enable us to provide under pressure drilling operations.

We can drill on live gas mains without interrupting the supply, or we can stop the flow of gas on a live main to allow adjacent works to take place safely.

Our reputation is such that we were selected as an on-call service provider during the London 2012 Olympic Games. Our operations are also used on live water and steam mains and pipelines.

We are able to work on gas mains to 48 inches in diameter – and are one of only two companies in the country to offer this.

Our specialised drilling includes:

  • Stopall from 2” to 48" diameter
  • Bagstops, including large diameter, from 3” to 24”
  • UPT drillings from 2” to 24” diameter
  • Large diameter branch saddles 
  • Iris stop operations from 14” to 48” diameter
  • Cold cuts 2” to 72” in diameter