A safe & efficient non-destructive excavation method

Vacuum or suction excavation is used as an alternative to manual or mechanical digging. A fan generates an air flow of 44,000 cubic metres per hour. The suction hose is moved three dimensionally via a hydraulically operated boom. An air lance is used to break up sub surface materials. All materials up to 250mm in diameter can be extracted in this way.

This technology allows us to provide economical solutions in applications where a high risk of damage forbids the use of hydraulic excavation machines, or site conditions make conventional excavation impossible. This is far quicker than manual operations and is also much safer, particularly in areas of dense subsurface infrastructure where there are many adjacent pipes and cables at risk of severance.

Forefront Utilities is one of only a small number of independent contractors in the UK with this capability.

Applications include:

  • Underground construction work around buried lines for all pipeline and cable network operators
  • Emergency repair service for all pipeline and cable network operators
  • Creating starting and termination holes for trenchless technology applications
  • Railway trackside maintenance & repair
  • Replacement of contaminated soil around tree roots
  • Clearing environmental damage
  • Clearing spills, sand and gravels or similar high volume material

Forefront’s investment in the latest suction excavation technology is further commitment to maintaining and improving our exemplary safety record. For further information or to book use of the vacuum excavator please contact Nicola Casey on 01702 507451.